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Gwynne Conlyn


Award winning writer with a penchant for a plate of something delicious in front of me, in a location that makes my heart skip a beat.

That’s me.

I don’t profess to be a gourmand, an exceptional cook or even an expert on the finer nuances of wine. I love people – and especially those who have a passion for growing edible delights, cook, and clink a glass to the scrumptiousness of life.

When I returned from living in New York, I decided that my own country needed to be explored. So off I went, knife and fork in hand, to find the people – famous, or living contentedly in the nooks and crannies of the country – who love food.

Delicious Travel (Culinary Adventures around South Africa) won an international award and while I worked on my second book that celebrated our culinary heroes, I continued to write for newspapers and magazines.

On this website you will find news about food, travel (and booze).

I will blog regularly, reporting on my latest discoveries.

And I will continue to work on my new book …

Welcome to my new website!

Gwynne Conlyn

Gwynne Conlyn
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