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No Culinary Olympic Winner!

September 19, 2012

Gwynne and Kim in Hong Kong with friendsRecently my daughter Kim and I chose SAA to fly to Hong Kong, because of or despite the recommendation of friends.

In actual fact, everything worked even better than we thought: the seats reclined better than we thought they should have. The service, especially, was even better than we thought they could have. The pilots landed us better than we ever thought they would have.

But oi, the food. Outbound, we visited the Business Lounge and the food – cold service mostly – was ordinary and not whelming in any way.

On our return we thought there might be some Asian infusion. There was a touch of it in the Business Lounge (veg stir-fry per example). Takeoff was around midnight and because of reality relapses, landing scheduled for around 6.30am. So dinner was on the menu, which was presented in a smartish folder and all sounding quite scrumptious. What needs focus at this point, the ‘Beef Fillet’. My daughter Kim and I had just had a week of mostly Asian cuisine, so the hoof tempted.

I don’t even remember what was proffered as a starter, but that beef arrived with a flourish of some unctuousness in a puddle and something pinkish and something greenish on the side.

I’m quite a nosher, my daughter less so, although she does like red meat in disguise (as in supermarket-packaged).

One sliver of that ‘meat’, sawed into with our airline knives, delivered a dense, liverish taste and texture that was an insult to intelligent taste buds – let alone ours.

I have been blessed to have traveled far and wide and even sometimes, in comfortable seats on commercial airlines. Emirates gets a vote for bland but extremely efficient service. I like Air France for attitude.

We opted for ‘cheese and biscuits’ rather than pudding – it seemed a safer option. Sadly and very clearly, the cheese and accompanied trimmings had traveled all the way from the southern tip of Africa with a sideways sweep across the globe to the Orient, only to be hoiked up again and in a wet patch of disinterested and glassy, glazed bitter-tipped grumble.

Breakfast was equally awful. Bitter spinach, amorphous eggs and something glutinous on the side. The tea however, was fine.

SAA, I salute you for my bed, the really dear attitude of the personnel. But a grey and extremely disinterested thumbs-down for the food.

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  1. susanscottsa permalink
    September 20, 2012 4:29 am

    Important to get this out Gwynne ..very descriptive re the food .. My I sides were turni g!

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